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It goes without saying, technology has played a crucial role in keeping our society going in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, and yet for all successful organizations it is the people behind the technology which matter most.

For many of us, we went home on a Friday afternoon in March 2020 expecting our ‘work’ to be waiting for us on our desks the following Monday, only to find offices across the country were closed until further notice. Fortunately for Mobius, and most importantly for our Clientele, Mobius is a 24-hour operation. If you are not leaving work on a Friday afternoon with your computer, it’s because you already have one set-up at home. In other words, Mobius went home that Friday afternoon back in March, and it has been business as usual since. When people, process, and technology are the key components of your business, lockdowns are not as daunting.

Please don’t get me wrong, we’ve all had to make adjustments in this new life, from turning into home-school teachers, to our very own household IT department; we are not exempt from the normal disruptions the world has faced during this pandemic, but when it comes to Mobius operations, disruptions are unacceptable. Meeting the needs of our Clients is paramount. Understanding we all faced similar challenges elevated our view that People, Process, and Technology are critical and interwoven components of success in an uncertain environment. The people at Mobius are the reason our process and technology are first in class.
As Director of Client Success at Mobius, I get to witness firsthand how the three core tenets of Mobius’ offering (People, Process, Technology) impact our partners in real-time. The communication that exists between our clients and team pertaining to risk mitigation and value creation is only possible with equal emphasis placed on each tenet. In order to deliver value back to management teams in a tangible manner, we evolve without sacrificing data integrity, up to date market intel, strategy adherence, transparency, or accessibility.

When engaging with new clients and prospective clients, I often see 3 common challenges arise. In a year of extreme commodity volatility, and unprecedented operational uncertainty these were magnified. While there are undoubtedly countless nuances that fall outside of this broad categorization, we will attempt to summarize:

Keeping members of a team on the same page with accurate and up to date forecasts. This includes expected production/consumption, cash flow/outlay, in-progress risk mitigation efforts, etc
Creating cohesion between team members with varying areas of expertise aligned as it relates to desired outcomes and results
Maximizing resources to efficiently monitor and control cash flow or cost allocation

Having been a Mobius team member myself for almost 10 years, its clear that vast client resources have been thrown at these challenges, and often with uncertain or immeasurable returns. Looking back on the past year, the value of efficiently addressing these common challenges is readily apparent.

Mobius began with an understanding that the right people are vital in the creation of an optimal strategy, and a well-defined strategy without a clear process is merely an assortment of great ideas. Our evolution has paired these two core beliefs with an understanding that technology is a highly efficient communication tool. Ultimately, the determinant of success will be the people behind the strategy, process, and technology.

We conclude this Friday Focus with a reminder of the importance that should be placed on the most valuable resource held by any organization or individual: Time. 

A consistent practice of revisiting the following queries is essential:
Have we clearly defined our objectives and challenges?Are we measuring performance efficiently?Do we have the ability to dynamically responded in a fluid environment?Is there a more efficient means of digesting information which is inhibited by a status quo mentality?
Most importantly, are we engaged and working with the right People to answer the above questions?

As Director of Client Success at Mobius, I honor all of the hard-working professionals we are engaged with for their ability to adapt in what remains an uncertain environment. Like you, we are mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters who greatly appreciate the value of time. We are steadfast in our commitment to delivering value to our clients through maximum use of minimal resources.

Author Profile
Julie Bertillion
Julie Bertillion
Director, Client Success

Julie has been with Mobius Risk Group since October 2013. Her primary responsibility is working with both clients and prospective clients as an advocate and communication link. Focused on the RiskNet platform, she works closely with our development team communicating the needs of our internal and external users as well as subject matter experts to help produce better solutions through our RiskNet technology. She performs system testing, facilitates client onboarding and provides training and support resources for clients to ensure their maximum success with existing and future services. Before this role, Julie was on the Physical Operations desk at Mobius for 4 years. She has senior level expertise in natural gas commercial activities including marketing, scheduling, field and pipeline operations, and imbalance management across the U.S., primarily the Gulf Coast and Rockies. Julie has worked closely with our clients managing production volumes, pipeline nominations, gas sales and contract administration. Before her time at Mobius, Julie spent 2 years as a natural gas scheduler for a retail natural gas supplier and 4 years in a mid-office/back office risk administration role for a Houston based hedge fund. Julie holds a BS in Sociology from the University of Houston.

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