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Risk management helps those invested remain stable and make educated decisions regarding metals hedging, futures contracts, etc. Mobius has the experience and resources to help you make knowledgeable decisions to benefit and grow your business.

Metals Hedging

Most industry players yearn for stability in the face of volatility and steep competition, and metals hedging is a way to seek stability amidst the unknown. Many factors influence price such as market demand, season, accessibility to transportation, and the rising and falling price of particular metals. 

That’s where our strategy, execution, and reporting make a major influence. We’re not speculating on the metals market. We’re calculating the best way to use time, the market, and your internal resources to your optimal advantage.

Those within all stages of the supply chain can benefit from metals hedging — a part of avoiding risk and stabilizing one’s position in the metals market by offsetting the risk of price fluctuations with keen market analysis.

Hedging is not speculation but calculation. Hedging helps offset risk, reducing or eliminating the chance of future losses. Speculators must take a risk at losing in order to make their profits, but Mobius works with you to understand your goals and risk threshold.

Our metals hedging insight allows for effective budgeting, accurate forecasting, and improving one’s position within the metals market. We allow you to leverage hedges that can be replaced and modified as the market changes.

Risk Management

Your core operations may not involve market intelligence and analysis, and that’s a reason to rely on Mobius. We identify risks within your industry so you remain in the best position possible.

Focus on your business while we provide access to the latest industry data. The true advantage of risk management and Mobius’s services is having peace of mind. But, you’re probably wondering how to access all of that insight. Enter, RiskNet, our risk management platform.

Metals — Risk Management Platform

Imagine the ability to see your metals hedging policy at work at any point during the day, without needing to invest in software and ongoing development. All you have to do is access a dashboard from your smartphone, laptop, office, or home computer.

Developed by our team with over 20 years of market experience, RiskNet combines risk management insight with your internal revenue projections, market data, credit monitoring, trade reporting, etc.

Speculation leaves your company exposed, but calculation puts you in an excellent position to remain stable and in control. We work with a number of risk exposure models to make you less vulnerable to market volatility so you remain informed and in front of the competition.

Enjoy a scalable risk management system that grows with your company. Daily and monthly tracking and reporting allow key employees access to industry insight.

Mobius prides itself on serving an array of industries and players for over 18 years. What started as consulting became the finest in risk management solutions. Leverage our experience in commodity trading and risk analysis. 

Contact us for metals hedging, risk management, and to learn more about our RiskNet platform.

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