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Mobius provides natural gas risk management, serving markets across the United States and Europe. Natural gas producers, consumers, and those invested in the market benefit from our experience and insight.

Many don’t have the time or the experience to provide comprehensive risk management. That’s where we step in with robust market intelligence. Your team keeps focusing on core business needs while we provide access to up-to-the-minute data based on natural gas prices, supply options, current demand, and more

Others providing risk management services may have ulterior, self-serving motives. But, because Mobius is an unconflicted partner, you can count on us for ethical natural gas risk management services delivered with unparalleled expertise.

Risk Management for Natural Gas Industry

Mitigating risk ensures the future of the company, the livelihood of employees, and the security to make business decisions that put you ahead of the competition.

America’s Gulf Coast is a place of large consumption. The EIA (Energy Information Administration) reports natural gas as the largest fuel source responsible for America’s net generation of electricity in 2020.

A number of other factors cause industry experts to estimate an increase in the demand for natural gas as more undergo coal-to-gas switching, and additional coal-fired generators are put to rest due to environmental regulations.

The natural gas market has gotten more competitive. Price relies on market dynamics, such as seasonality and the rate of other sources of energy. So, it’s comforting to know you have Mobius in charge of market research and analysis. And, all of the insights are nicely packaged in our risk management platform, RiskNet.

Natural Gas — Risk Management Platform

Our monitoring and reporting are delivered to your team in real-time. There’s no need to spend tons of money on buying software to analyze the natural gas market. Plus, there are no upfront fees or ongoing costs in partnering with us.

Manage risk within the natural gas industry from your phone, laptop, office, etc. Setup is painless and the user interface is intuitive and inviting.

Natural Gas Hedging and Risk Management

Risk management is applied to the natural gas industry in a variety of ways. Hedging allows for improved cost management and reduces the impact of a potentially volatile market. However, producers often don’t have the market expertise to do it successfully.

Natural gas hedging is not an invitation to profit by speculation. Expert natural gas risk management allows a company to remain nimble and confident in the face of a rapidly changing and competitive market. It provides the stability and assurance to make smart decisions to grow your business.

Mobius prides itself on serving an array of industries and players for over 18 years. What started as consulting became the finest in risk management solutions. Leverage our experience in commodity trading and risk analysis. 

Contact us for natural gas risk management and to learn more about our RiskNet platform.

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