Non-conflicted technology, expert advisory, and execution

Mobius provides integrated physical energy, carbon, and commodity risk management powered by award-winning analytics, proprietary technology, and industry experts.

  • Physical Market Intelligence
  • Market Qualification, Comparison and Analysis
  • Nominating, Scheduling and Balancing
  • Transportation Pipeline Analysis
  • Basis Hedge Strategy Development
  • Market Negotiation
  • Decision Support
  • Execution (as Agent with no discretion)
  • Pipeline Tie-In Negotiations
  • Gas ProcessingEconomic Evaluation
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Accounting and Invoicing & Negotiation Support

A successful risk management structure has three core requirements:

1. The ability to capture data:

Technology that allows for real-time visibility into underlying physical, financial and contractual positions

2.The ability to analyze data:

Process that digests the data and make sense of the exposures

3.The ability to marry data with information to make decisions:

Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) with deep technical and market expertise synthesize data and deliver mitigation strategies through the lens of market information.