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Mobius adds commodity risk veteran as strategy practice continues to expand

Mobius Risk Group welcomes Rishi Sahay, most recently from Ascend Analytics, to join its Strategy team. In addition to their work in developing award-winning risk analytics and reporting solutions, Mobius’ Market Strategy team provides bespoke commodity risk management strategies for clients across energy, industrials, and end users.

“I am thrilled to join Mobius, a company which stands apart as a commodity risk advisor with its client focus, expertise, and technology. My experience has reinforced the belief that success in risk management requires a holistic approach, where physical and financial exposures are managed in concert, and technology and strategy solutions are both delivered in full to the client. Mobius has built its business around these core tenets, and I look forward to enabling further client successes with the Mobius team,” Rishi commented.

Sahay joins the company’s team of experienced operators and analysts led by Christine Anderson, Mobius’ Chief Operating Officer.

“Mobius’ vision for 2023 has been to provide more strategic resources for our clients through technology and subject matter expertise. Mobius’ Strategy Group works directly with our client’s executive teams to develop specific strategies and reporting methods to manage and optimize their risk management portfolios,” Anderson said of Mobius’ growth and expansion this year.

“Rishi, with his vast risk management and client interface experience, will be a nice compliment to an already outstanding team. We are confident he will contribute greatly to our client’s success,” she added.

About Rishi Sahay

Rishi has more than 17 years of experience in commodity risk management, asset valuation and equity research. Rishi’s commodity related work experience spans oil and gas, refined products, and power. Prior to joining Mobius, Rishi worked at Ascend Analytics, where he led renewable and battery storage valuation activities for front-of-the-meter projects. Rishi also worked at AEGIS Hedging Solutions and Risked Revenue Energy Associates, where he spent nearly a decade assisting oil and gas producers, refineries, airlines, and manufacturing companies with their hedge programs and risk management practices. Prior to that, Rishi worked in the investment management industry at AllianceBernstein and Janus Capital. Rishi has an MS in Mathematics from NYU’s Courant Institute, a BA in Economics from Dartmouth, and holds the CFA designation.

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About Mobius Risk Group

Mobius Risk Group is an independent commodity and energy risk advisory and technology firm. Founded in 2002, Mobius blends technology, robust data and analytics, and bespoke commodity risk strategies to manage the potential risks and opportunities in your business. More than just a system of record, RiskNet is Mobius’ System of Intelligence that converts thousands of datapoints into meaningful intelligence to guide informed risk management decision making amid volatile market changes. RiskNet’s suite of tools includes M-Risk (Risk Analytics), G-Risk (Carbon Risk Management), and a library of 60+ reports to meet the needs of multi-asset commodity producers, consumers, and distributors, as well as their capital providers. Recognized by Energy Risk Magazine for its innovative work, Mobius was awarded CTRM House of the Year in 2023, Commodity Research House of the Year in 2022, and Data and Analytics House of the Year in 2021.