Mobius Risk Group takes home prestigious Energy Risk 2021 Data & Analytics House of the Year

Houston, July 14, 2021— Mobius Risk Group, a leader in energy and commodity risk management, has received the 2021 Energy Risk Data & Analytics House of the Year award from Energy Risk. Energy Risk awards are the most prestigious for firms in energy risk management.

Mobius launched and trademarked its ground-breaking risk-pricing methodology, M-Risk in 2019 before adding visualization tools in 2020. Mobius designed M-Risk to deliver more reliable results and avoid many of the shortcomings of value-at-risk (VaR) and other methodologies for pricing market-based deal risk.

Energy Risk called it “a unique and innovative approach to data and analytics” and said the recent addition of the firm’s innovative risk pricing analytics to its core Mobius RiskNet platform is what put the firm head and shoulders above competition for this award.

Mobius’ risk assessment delves deeper into the client portfolio to determine precisely where risk resides. The company’s M-Risk methodology presents a comprehensive and fully fleshed out visualization of a client’s risk exposure for precise analysis and informed risk management.

“Clients told us they needed a modern approach that would enable rapid data analysis and compress decision-making,” said Casey Ragsdale, Mobius President. “We heard them and delivered a comprehensive, peerless platform for energy CTRM and related mid- and back-office functions,” Ragsdale said.

The company is honored to receive the recognition. “This award not only validates our offering and our orientation to service our clients but it also is significant in terms of recognizing the hard work and dedication of our team in strengthening the data and analytics capabilities of our RiskNet platform,” Ragsdale added.


Mobius Risk Group, LLC is an independent, international commodity and physical energy risk advisory firm. Founded in 2002, Mobius provides strategic advisory services including financial, physical, and commodity risk management and valuation, carbon strategy development, and regulated energy oversight for producers, consumers, distributors and capital providers backed by its proprietary C/ETRM, RiskNet.

RiskNet, a cloud-based platform with an easy-to-use mobile app, connects an entire organization with a single, comprehensive, controlled data source to drive more effective strategic decision-making amid volatile market changes.