Data is a language.

Knowledge is power.

Mobius blends technology, digital workflows, and experienced industry leaders to help you manage the potential risks, and opportunities, in your commodity portfolio.

Integrated financial and physical commodity risk solutions

Technology, risk analytics, and transaction support for commodity impacted businesses

Easy to use technology

RiskNet gives you real-time access and visibility to your energy and commodity portfolio with flexible dashboard tiles, 60+ standard reports, and portfolio analytics

Powered by experts

Commodity experts offer unique market activity insight and bespoke strategy recommendations, guided by your business’s unique risks and opportunities

Workflow digitization

Digitize the manual, time intensive, and often error prone processes behind commodity transaction support in your mid and back office


Risks Abound

It’s tucked into the 127th line of the fourth tab of a spreadsheet. It’s creeping up on us in some geopolitical conflict a half a world away. It’s waiting, poised, ready to shatter on a Tuesday a portfolio that glistened on a Monday. In 2020, we analyzed risk in over $30 billion in energy and commodity transactions.


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Robust Data

Mobius RiskNet is an unparalleled system of software powered by decades of experience and a trove of data. 

— Seamless deal capture

— A level playing field

— Covers the entire life cycle of a trade

Our Mantras

Price is Price

We believe — we know — that price is a single data point that is of little value without the context and analysis of a hundred others. It’s the foothills of the mountain. We help you push past price myopia and see the bigger picture. 

No Conflicts

When you deal directly with big banks and hedge funds, you’re working with wolves who’d just as soon outplay you than help you. Our only interest is in helping you succeed. We’re not betting against you behind your backs. 

So long to the status quo

 “This is how we’ve always done things” is a weak, passive strategy. The way you’ve always done things isn’t serving you. It’s time for a change. 


Unconflicted Allies

Mobius is a team of the industry’s brightest, most insightful, independent thinkers in the oil and gas industry. We cut our teeth at the big banks and hedge funds. We know what they know, and we use it to benefit your balance sheet.

The right ESG program is a smart, profitable approach to navigating a complex web of laws, incentives and market opportunities. At Mobius, we offer non-conflicted support to help our clients maximize the opportunities-while minimizing the costs-that come from the transition to a greener economy.

About Mobius

Mobius Risk Group is an independent multi-asset risk advisory firm providing market guidance to producers, consumers, and capital market participants needing timely and effective market risk advice.

We have the financial, physical management and reporting expertise to turn your risks into assets. As a private company founded in 2002 with $30B a year in energy and commodity transactions, we provide useful energy, physical and multi-asset commodity market intelligence.

Our technology, combined with strategic advisory and technology enabled services, that will directly impact how you manage your business objectives by applying the full benefit of physical and financial risk tools to your concerns paired with sourcing expertise and operational support to your organization to advance your commodity market needs.

Get an accurate picture of your risk and position, updated daily