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Imagine dropping your kids off at school in the morning, and by the time you picked them up again, your children had been ferried to no less than five different campuses.

That’s how a lot of trades happen. They start in the front office for strategy execution, then shift to the mid office for mark-to-market reporting, then to the back office for the final tie-off of the settlement. By the time it’s all said and done, there could be eight different individuals with their hands on a trade; eight individuals who might have made a costly mistake that turns over millions of dollars to a counterparty.

Then there’s the data integrity issue. If you’re using Excel, or another program from the Bill Gates Reporting System to execute a trade you’re exposing that transaction to a host of potential integrity problems, errors, bad hedge positions, or blown out formulas.

RiskNet solves all of that.

We shepherd your trade through its entire lifecycle, with consistent auditing and reporting each step of the way. Mobius minimizes and mitigates your risk while freeing up the time you were spending trying to mash things out in Excel. Because we’re discrete about the hedges we put on a trade, you no longer have to worry about counterparties using your position against you when they figure out what you’re doing and offer you the best worst deal.

RiskNet is a web-based multi-asset risk management platform, the software system we use to both push information out to our clients and to conduct effective deal capture. Instead of looking at your data in a spreadsheet,

RiskNet produces easy to understand dashboards, price visualizations, hedge positions, mark-to-market reports, transaction confirmations, and invoices.

It’s all rolled up into one intuitive program.

Our clients are no longer at the mercy of counterparties hoarding intel so they can offer you self-serving terms. RiskNet levels the playing field. Our clients have the same access to information we have: the best market intelligence, the best data to hedge their positions.

10 reasons to choose RiskNet